Auriculotherapy (also known as Auricular therapy) treats pain and dysfunction in the body using precise acupuncture points of the ear.

Auriculotherapy is documented as far back as 500 B.C. in Greek and Chinese history. More than 40 years ago, French physician Dr. Paul Nogier first developed a “somatotopic” map of the human body and super imposed it onto the ear. Nogier’s findings have been proven to be very accurate and have been adopted worldwide.

Auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture, is the practice of stimulating specific parts in the ear via the autonomic nervous system. There are over 200 acupuncture points in the ear.

The Ancient Chinese viewed the ear as resembling an upside down fetus with all of the body parts proportionately arranged in and out of the ear.

Weight Loss Staple

Ear stapling for Weight Loss has been around for over two decades.  Weight Loss Ear Staples are medical staples made of surgical steel that are placed into the inner portion of the ear at specific Acupuncture points.  Near the Mouth and Intestine points or near the Stomach.

Although the staples can be used alone, I recommend they be used inconjunction with one of our weight loss packages.

How effective is the Weight Loss Ear Staple?

The staples can be left in as long as they are healthy and working.

Alone they have an 80% success rate.  The average weight loss is 2-5 pounds per week for women and 4-11 pounds per week for men, appetite and cravings are decreased and metabolism is stimulated.

I concentrate on certain pressure points that target appetite, stress, tension, IBS, gastric reflux and cravings. When you come in for your appointment I will go over these specific pressure points in detail.

The staples will affect what your body needs most. For example, you may lose inches at first then pounds. You may sleep better than you ever have, be less tense and not lose weight at first. The staple targets many areas, so you may feel the staple isn’t working because you are not losing weight, but it really is, it is targeting what your body needs first.

Does it hurt?
It is similar to having your ears pierced.

What if it becomes loose?
I will replace the staples at no charge.

What are the risks?
Infection is the biggest risk. If you follow your after care instructions and keep the area clean and dry, and do not touch your staples, you will have little chance of the ear becoming infected. Scarring can also occur, but the chances are very slim because the staple I use is very small.


How do you remove the staples?

The staples are removed by a special medical staple remover only!

Do not try to remove staples yourself without one, it could result in serious injury to the cartilage. My procedural costs includes removal.
If you live out of town, you will be given a remover and shown the proper method for removal.

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